Progress 7 November

A very good meeting on 5 November brought a dozen representatives of groups and another 12 or so UCL postgraduates and staff together for three hours discusssion.  Some of the UCL team had been able to prepare summaries, or comment on Just Space (RL) summaries in time for the meeting.  Minutes are in preparation and a next meeting will be on Thursday 3 December.  This web site now has all the documents tabled on 5 November as ‘pages’ over on the right + minutes.

public transport acessibility / residents lobbying at East Ham / a Planning Committee in session
The organisations in Just Space Network represented included:
London Gypsies and Travellers Unit (Bernard Bourdillon, planning advisor)
London Forum of Amenity and Civic Societies (Peter Eversden)
Friends of the Earth (Jenny Bates – regional projects, London)
Abdus Shuman – and Lionel BNRRN, Black Neighbourhood Renewal and Regeneration Network
London Civic Forum (Deirdre McGrath)
Hayes and Harlington Community Forum (Robin Brown)
London Tenants’ Federation (Helen Cagnoni)
Planning Aid for London (Kerry Wilkins)
Ewan Kennedy – Race on the Agenda (ROTA)
Shoreditch / Tower Hamlets  (Lucy Rogers)
KXRLG (Marian Laragy)
Hayes and Harlington Community Forum (Robin Brown)
Apologies were received from LVSC (Alison Blackwood)

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