New course for next year

A proposal has been approved for a new masters-level module Community Participation in City Strategies to be offered in 2011/12, in the January term, based in UCL Geography, and with the input of Prof Jennifer Robinson, Michael Edwards (Bartlett) and Richard Lee (Just Space Network). Alongside it an application for 2 years of funding support (to resource the community group inputs) from UCL’s Teaching Innovation Fund failed so we are continuing to search for financial support to resource the community inputs properly.
This module will be open to any UCL masters level student and might also usefully support people developing PhD research ideas in the field. We hope that some of the members of community action groups will join the sessions as well. The proposal is summarised as follows:

The course will present an international overview of the politics of long term strategic city planning, focusing on the role of community participation. It will use an innovative teaching model based on community participation in developing an analysis of the London Plan. Students will read widely on the politics of spatial and strategic planning, and engage in developing a detailed analysis of the London Plan. The seminars will involve representatives from community organizations who have been active in making submissions to the London Plan Evidence in Public (EiP) process. Group work will be based on analysis and interpretation of data from the London Plan EiP process. The assessment will be based on production of written and web-based materials on an evaluation of the London Plan process, to be published in association with the Just Space network http//

Lectures and seminars will form just over half of the (15-credit) course, with smaller group discussions of reading materials and case study materials and attendance at a community-led meeting. There will be opportunities for students to prepare and present overviews of aspects of the London Plan, and to prepare and present case studies of experiences of strategic planning in other cities. There will be four sessions devoted to problem-based learning, where independent and group-based work will be facilitated towards preparing an analysis of aspects of the London Plan process. Students will receive training in research skills such as transcription, interviewing, and analysis of planning and policy documents. The coursework assessment will be an integral part of the classroom teaching.

Later:  in January 2012 this course is now running.  [ more ]

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