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Activity report for 2012-13

July 25, 2013

During the academic year 2012/13 the Bartlett School of Planning brought its experience of cooperation with community groups in London closer to the mainstream of teaching and research. About 40 students, ranging from undergraduates to PhD students, took on assignments in support of community, neighbourhood and London-wide organisations. The work related to all three levels of London planning: the London Plan covering the whole GLA area, Borough plans and the new Neighbourhood Planning activities recently extended through the Localism Act. A detailed report of the year’s work is available here.

We have prepared a document (“Protocol”) designed to help students, staff and action groups to get the most out of these collaborations and avoid the pitfalls. Do read this if you are thinking of taking part.

Student reports (prepared as part of Masters module urbng007)

Copyright lies with the author in each case. Do not quote without permission. Contact via m.edwards [at ] or via the directory on the UCL homepage. PDF downloads.

• Skills and expertise needed by Neighbourhood Forums (interviews with
King’s Cross, Bankside, Somers Town) Caroline Stone
Caroline Stone Specialist support for NP
• Crossrail and local economic development (Ealing) Evangelos Pitidis
Evangelos Pitidis Crossrail Ealing
• Climate Change Strategies (London Friends of the Earth and Harrow) Katarine Despot Belmonte
Katarine Despot Belmonte Climate Change
• Social impact of mega transport projects (Spitalfields 1989, Whitechapel
2007) Alice Morterol
Alice Morterol Mega transport projects
The Antinomies of Neighbourhood Planning, Francesca Guarascio
Francesca Guarascio Neighbourhood Planning
Air quality neutral Kendyl Crawford
Kendyl Crawford Air Quality
Social infrastructure and CIL (Newham Tenants Union) Charlotte Rauchle
Charlotte Rauchle CIL
Allocation of housing sites through SHLAA (impact on gypsies and
travelers) Michael Westbrook
Michael Westbrook SHLAA
Pubs as Assets of Community Value (Grove Park, Lewisham and Ivy
House, Southwark) Fabien Cante
Fabien Cante Localism at the pub Sept