opportunities 2016-7

Note change of venue on Wednesday below

As in past years, there are opportunities for students to undertake activity with community organisations in London at various geographic scales. This is additional to, and separate from, the project work with community groups which form the basis of Masters Modules in the Bartlett School of Planning (BENVGPLD and BENVGPD3), a joint module between Planning and Urban Studies (URBNG007) and others in the DPU and Engineering.

The contribution of JustSpace members and groups to these collaborations is supported financially by the School of Planning; Michael Edwards is the staff member responsible for overall coordination.

If you think you might want to offer some time as an individual (i.e. not as part of one of the named modules) please try to come to one of the following briefing meetings, one an afternoon event and the other after the end of classes in the evening.

Tuesday 11 October 1815-2015h in Central House room G01.
Wednesday 12 October 1430-1600h in room LG04 at 26 Bedford Way – UCL Geography Department. This is a change of venue and time.

Anyone thinking of engaging with community groups in their university studies or research should first familiarise themselves with the Just Space Protocol which is full of good advice on how to avoid the pitfalls and ill-feeling which can arise if you get it wrong, and how to get the best from these collaborations by doing it right. Read online or download here.


One Response to “opportunities 2016-7”

  1. Tim Peake Says:

    Note that a new community group in the Royal Docks has been set up in April 2016 – See http://www.rdcv.org.uk – and the group is seeking to build links to UCL and is looking for volunteers to work with them on the NW+ST (North Woolwich and SilverTown) neighbourhood plan process that is due to commence this month. Please email me at tim.peake@gmail.com or at ucfupea@live.ucl.ac.uk

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