Activity in 2016/17

Here is a report on activity in the last year or so.  It is a draft and we invite participants in the activities to contribute comments, illustrations and links for an enriched edition.

The report summarises a large number of projects and outputs, concluding:

We are particularly pleased that

  1. This activity is becoming mainstream within the Bartlett School of Planning – no longer confined to individual, self-selecting, students opting to do such activity as extra-curricular pursuits but a core (i.e. compulsory) dimension in many postgraduate programmes and now also in undergraduate education. This mainstreaming is what “Public Engagement” always aimed at.
  2. It has become infectious. Just Space is actively engaged now in collaborations with the Bartlett DPU and UCL Geography and plays a central role as “client” in the innovative Engineering Exchange. Similar work is going on at Cass Cities and at LSE (RUPS).

Download the report (as a Word document) UCL colllaboration with community groups


One Response to “Activity in 2016/17”

  1. 2017/18 opportunities for students | UCL working with Just Space Says:

    […] UCL staff and students working with Londoners on planning issues « Activity in 2016/17 […]

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