2017/18 opportunities for students

Collaborative work with community groups on London planning issues

The School of Planning has played a pioneering role in collaboration with community, activist and similar organisations in London, at all scales from small neighbourhoods to London-wide campaigns and federations.

This is all enabled through a partnership with JustSpace.org.uk which is a unique mutual-support network of community organisations committed to helping more Londoners –especially in working class and excluded communities– to participate in planning processes and have more influence on policy.

There is a report of the last few years’ activity here.

Some of you will find that one of your modules incorporates work of this kind, especially those run by Elena Besussi, Pablo Sendra, Juliana Martins and Yasminah Beebeejaun.

Some you may —quite separately— wish to do extra-curricular work involving community organisations and we shall be holding meetings about the possibilities in October, one for people free to attend during the day, the other two for people who would prefer or have to come in the evening. The meetings will be:

  • Thursday 12 October 1800-2000h in Central House room LG01.
  • Tuesday 17 October 1800-2000h, in Central House G01.
  • Wednesday 18 October 1400-1600h Drayton House B05 (western part of Friends’ House; corner of Gordon St and Endsleigh Gdns)

In preparation we advise you to read the Protocol… which has been developed over the years to help students and community groups get the most out of these collaborations and avoid disappointment and frustrations.


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