Celebrating work with Just Space 21/22

UCL staff and students are invited on 8 June 1100-1300h BST to join us for a virtual celebration of Bartlett work with community & activist groups in London’s Just Space network. This activity has been supported over the years by successive departmental heads in Bartlett Planning and from time to time by grants and awards from UCL Public Engagement. This is a change of date.

It has been very challenging during the pandemic for communities to maintain their activity and for us to maintain the long tradition of UCL students and staff working with them to support their actions in neighbourhoods and London-wide.

This year groups from the Bartlett School of Planning have been working in Barking and Dagenham where the Thames Ward Community Project is supporting residents of council estates and new “affordable” and market housing in the biggest Opportunity Area programme in London. Others have been supporting the MOPS campaign in central Hackney, exploring alternatives to a purely commercial redevelopment of Tescos. A few have also been helping Just Space groups prepare evidence for the London Assembly Planning Committee on Opportunity Areas and on Mayoral Development Corporations

And when Covid-19 hit, community organisations were unable to meet face to face and the large cluster of such groups in the Just Space network resolved to cooperate through virtual meetings to elaborate a set of proposals and demands from the grass roots which respond to the emergency. The process was managed through a large number of small zoom workshops in which UCL student volunteers played important roles in briefing, recording and synthesising, mentored by the Just Space co-ordinator. Some DPU and Urban Studies students have also contributed valuably. Bartlett Hon Prof Michael Edwards was involved in the final editorial stage and other Bartlett staff at various points in generating the Community-led Recovery Plan for London.

It’s a great innovation in method and a remarkable document in content, capturing some of the injuries and inequalities experienced by contributors, but also solidarity and creative energy.  You can read it at JustSpace.org.uk/recovery where you will also find an annex substantially due to our student Sion Lee.

What we are arranging is for some of the students and community people to present what they did and follow with a panel discussion with reactions from UCL guests, including the office of the Pro-Provost (london), UCL Public Engagement people and from students and staff.

The event is, of course, free. A zoom link will be sent to those who register at eventbrite:

While this particular event is aimed at UCL people before some disappear for a summer break or for research, other meetings centred on the Recovery Plan will be held, both here and at JustSpace, aimed at discussion among community and wider participants. Follow @JustSpace7 on Twitter or look at JustSpace.org.uk/events

Earlier posts on this site contain links to the content of some of these projects.

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