GLA research programme for LP

LONDON PLAN: RESEARCH BASE (Paul Watling for Greater London Assembly 0912)

This document sets out the various items of research that have been carried out (or are in the course of being carried out) which have informed the preparation of policies in the London Plan.

The draft replacement Plan has been informed by a common evidence base prepared by GLA Economics for the Plan and the Mayor’s Transport and Economic Development strategies (available at


Status Report Published?

Impact Assessments

Integrated Impact Assessment Sustainability assessment of draft policies. Contains account of strategic spatial options scenarios considered Yes – available at:
Habitats Regulations Assessment Assessment of draft policies and potential impact on habitats of European significance Yes – available at:


Updated population projections New projections based on SHLAA prepared for London Plan Yes – see DMAG Update 13-2009 Demographic Projections for the London Plan
Employment projections
Updated employment projections New projections prepared for London Plan Set out in joint evidence base (see above)
Labour market balance To be published shortly

Outer London

Outer London Commission The Commission’s work drew on an evidence/research base published on the Outer London Commission website Yes – interim report published July 2009, available at

Final report to be published shortly


Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment Yes – available at
Strategic Housing Market Assessment Yes – available at
Draft Housing Design Guide Yes – available at
Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment Yes – available at
Gypsy and Traveller Pitch Apportionment Report on study to be published shortly


London Office Policy Review Yes – report to be published shortly
Consumer expenditure and comparison retail floorspace Yes – available at
Convenience Goods Floorspace Needs Yes – available at
Town centre healthchecks To be published shortly
Hotel Demand Study Yes – available at To be updated (see below).
Industrial capacity Yes –
Wholesale markets Yes – available at
Cruise liner facilities Yes – available at:
Assessment of boatyard industry on the Thames Yes –
Safeguarded Wharves Implementation Report Yes –
Accessible hotels in London To be published shortly
London’s logistics sector Yes – available at
Cultural and creative economy 2009 update To be published shortly

Climate change

Monitoring the London Plan Energy Policies To be published shortly


Waste arisings projections To be published shortly as minor change during consultation
Borough waste apportionment To be published shortly as minor change during consultation
London Regional Flood Risk Appraisal Yes – available at:

Forthcoming research

The table below sets out research that is currently under consideration for the run-up to the Examination in Public for the draft replacement Plan next summer/autumn:

Population and employment projections

  • Borough breakdowns of employment/population
  • Inter-regional demographic and employment projections (work with East and South-East of England)


  • Further housing design standards evidence base and detailed justification
  • Student accommodation demand
  • Affordable housing for older people


  • Small shops
  • Street markets (LDA leading)
  • Cumulative impact of large office schemes
  • Inner London overview
  • Hotel demand
  • E-infrastructure evidence base
  • Industrial land release


  • Social infrastructure needs: desktop study

Environment and design

  • Suburban typologies
  • Burial Space
  • Urban greening
  • Carbon dioxide emissions trajectories
  • Renewable energy regional assessment (LDA leading)
  • Water efficiency/neutrality
  • Tall buildings (desk study)
  • World Heritage Sites

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